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Silence of a Critic, part 2

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Acknowledge that there are reasons for criticism, in fact too many to list. For starters, don’t give others a reason to criticize you. When I started writing fictional works, I was excited by the creativity of it all. So much freedom to do whatever I wanted to in a story. The feeling of infatuation grew for a brief time, but eventually I went from one story to the next. It wasn’t long before I had twenty stories. Of course, I never finished one of them. As time went on, I authored more stories, mostly capturing ideas but never doing anything with them.

For several years this went on, and I accumulated more ideas in that time. The bad part was, I was always talking about authoring yet another book, but never actually saw one through until the end. The people closest to me always heard me talk about what I was going to do. Meanwhile, they watched and patiently waited for me to do what I said I would. Imagine repeatedly hearing this. Eventually my dear sweet mother finally busted out, “Why don’t you finish one?” Well, I am pleased to say my first book is finally published! Thanks Mom!

When we go around claiming things, people see right through us. That is, of course, unless we give them evidence that speaks for itself. After putting the work in, it doesn’t take a convincing argument then. It takes results! The proof of our work is in the results. Take the necessary actions instead of talking about all that you are going to do. The results will follow, although not always immediately. Keep working anyway because one day the results will catch up. Talking and planning about what needs to be done only goes so far. Doing is what accomplishes things.

With people you know, they may extend more grace to you. Strangers, on the other hand, will identify you by your actions, not your intentions. It doesn’t take long to be judged when all people ever hear is our intentions. Some will spend their whole lives talking about what they intend to do one day. Most people get tired of hearing it and want to see results. For decades, much of the political turmoil in the hearts of voters is due to politicians not living up to what they said they were going to do. For young voters today, the promises feel empty. They are tired of words and ready to see action.

Men make promises to their wives. Fathers make promises to their children. So many promises, yet how many go unfulfilled? Are all the words people around you hear empty promises? Good intentions? If so, get busy and start fulfilling them before you open a door to criticism.

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