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Silence of a Critic, part 3

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The loudest critics seem to be those who have never excelled in any measure at the thing it is they are criticizing. If the critics were to get up and do it themselves, they would not be so quick to run their mouths. Any achievement can be undermined by those who have not achieved. Be careful of the criticism of someone who has never done what you are trying to do. Some will warn with the best of intentions while others seek to minimize your every effort.

For decades, people have watched sports, which has been a huge part of our culture. The interesting thing is hearing all the insults hurled at the television, directed towards players and referees in the game. From the comfort of a chair, it is easy to judge another person’s inability to meet our expectations, whether they messed up a play or missed a goal. Singers, songwriters, actors, actresses, politicians, and clergy all experience similar taunting. Name any profession and countless individuals within it are being criticized at any given moment. Any gift a person has will be dismissed by another who is envious of that gift because they do not have it.

Leaders are constantly challenged, yet how many followers are willing to stand up and lead others? Great achievements were accomplished by individuals who endured the ridicule of many. If they had listened to the masses of critics, we would all still be farmers and goat herders. Look how far we have come in the last hundred years; in the last thirty. Change is always occurring, and we continue to press forward every day. Each person has a role to play in this progress.

There are natural gifts people have that others do not. But even natural gifts need developed, which happens over time. Become all that you are supposed to become. Do all that you are supposed to do. It will silence some of the critics, but it will never silence them all. Realize achieving greatness is not about silencing the critics. It is about dutifully living out your purpose for the benefit of all.

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