My First Book Release!

What do you do when faced with one of life’s greatest trials?

For seventy-two-year-old Larry Jones, it is a puzzling question he must wrestle with. After the passing of his beloved wife Sharon, a strong Christian woman, his life is found in a tailspin. Without a savior to keep him anchored, he is lost. At a critical point he crosses paths with a young man named Sam. In time, he witnesses God’s unfailing love at work in his life and in the lives of those closest to him.

Others, like Larry, find themselves up against immovable forces. Their challenges are real and so is the pain. Although each person is on their own journey, their lives intertwine in a unique way. Strength is found in uncertain places. Friendships form. Against odds, hope is restored and hearts mend. Explore how far God’s love reaches into the lives of his children in Jeff Kayser’s Whisper Valley.

Click here now to get your copy!

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