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No matter how precisely you plan a route in your mind to a specific destination, there are tons of obstacles that will take your mind off course. If you are going to be forced to take a detour, make sure it is one of your choosing. Positive thinking takes a lot of work to continually redirect one’s thoughts to find the positive side of things or people. But what about negative thinking? For most of us, it takes zero effort to participate in, which may be why so many choose the latter way.

An interesting thing occurred the other morning when I awoke earlier than usual after having a dream. It was particularly memorable upon awakening, which isn’t typical for most of my dreams. The reason I remembered it was because of how angry I was after waking up. It is frustrating to be extremely upset over events never actually happened. What is more upsetting is when someone gets upset with me over something I did in their dream. I feel like shouting, don’t you understand, it’s completely out of my control!

That demonstrates the power a thought can have over us. Events or situations that never happened can ensnare us in a trap, unable to free ourselves from the prison of a false reality. The day went on, but I remained upset and could not seem to get over it. Thoughts as powerful as ones like this grip tightly and don’t want to let go. My destination did not change, but the path to get there did. If the negative thought becomes too overwhelming, we might decide to abandon our plans for heading toward the destination altogether. The great news is that this is not the only path available to take.

Each person has creativity and imagination with which to make their own positive detours of thought. This involves forging a path in the mind where one did not previously exist. When you choose that type of detour, it allows your brain to make new connections. If we choose a negative thought pattern, it will likely end with us routinely stuck in the same ruts, day in, day out. But you can change it all by giving thought to something new. This will allow your brain to create new roadways that will get you to the destination. Positive thinking is not always easy, but well worth it. Recondition yourself to think on a higher level, above the negative detours and on to better living!

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