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Passed Over

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Have you ever been passed over for something you wanted very much? If so, then you know the hurt that comes afterwards. The pain goes so deep it feels as though all the positive thinking in the world will not pull you out from the depths you are in. Perhaps you have dedicated effort to your job, giving it your best with the hopes of a promotion. Later, that crushing moment comes when you find out they gave it to someone else. If you’re are not athletic, it is like that feeling back in grade school when you were last to get picked for a team. Whenever you are not selected for something you really wanted, it leaves you questioning your worth.

Don’t despair. If you had done everything in your power to prepare yourself and it still wasn’t enough, then let go of these feelings that are making you feel down in the dumps. Learn from the experience. Honestly, did you do things that made you stand out different from everyone else? Was there something you could’ve done that would have made you a better pick than the other person?

Either way, I am sorry to be blunt here, but it is the same thing I told myself… get over it. Opportunities arise every day. Prepare yourself for the next one to come so you will be ready by the time it gets here. Once you’ve learned from your experience, move on, and leave the rest of that garbage behind. In order to move on, you cannot allow this setback to be an anchor in life that holds you back. Cut it loose and move on.

It’s a simple fact that you cannot control the decisions of others. At times, you will be passed over and it will hurt. But these events do not have to define you. Be what defines you; not someone else, not some event. Others will tend to sell you short, but never sell yourself short. See the value within you!

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