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I’ll Come Running

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In any moment, a crisis can occur that will literally take everything off the agenda and throw it out the window. Crises do not care about priorities, health, or your peace of mind. They act like robbers, coming in to take away that which is precious to you. They do not discriminate, and attack whomever they will. With no ulterior motive, their sole purpose is to destroy. Not every crisis that pops up is serious, but the ones that are, feel like they stop the heart and take our breath away.

When these sorts of crises happen, they become events where we ultimately find out who in our lives we can count on. Strangely, it almost happens in layers. The first layer is what I like to call the snowflakes. They blow away at the least little wind that comes along, so there is no surprise there. The next layer down is what I call the comfort zoners. Anyone in this layer will be there in the crises, so long as it fits their life. When things start to get too difficult, the comfort zoners leave for greener pastures, void of such problems.

The next layer consists of the loyalists. These people in our lives can be family or friends. If you are fortunate enough to have loyalists in your life, then you have a treasure that cannot be measured. At every opportunity you should be expressing how much you love and appreciate them. They are like the crutch that holds up the person with a broken leg. Becoming involved in their lives is like the union between the ingredients of concrete, which form a solid bond not easily broken and capable of withstanding incredible loads. If for any reason you lack this person in your life, then perhaps you can become that person to another. When the going gets tough, hang in there with them. Cry with them. Live through whatever experience they are going through, and you will find new bonds you never before imagined.

Last, but most important, is the relationship like no other. For me, it is the relationship I have with my Heavenly Father. Like David in Psalm 139, whether I am at lofty heights or find myself at the depths of the sea, God is there. When perilous darkness surrounds me with fear, it is but light to Him. Like the prodigal son, the path my foolish decisions take me down, ends the moment I decide to turn back toward home. It is only then that I can see the Father running toward me.

When trouble comes, as it always does, I hear the faintest whisper in the depths of my heart. “When you need me – I’ll come running.”

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