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What’s the Big Deal?

Quite possibly that’s a very serious question. It is dangerous because it implicates that something is not important. The trouble with that behavior is that it can run through an individual on pretty much every level within them. This does not mean that everything needs to be a big deal. But you must be diligent or you may fall into a trap.

When engineers create a system of components, all the parts must work together in order for the system to function as desired. Our lives are similar, in that the activities we partake in on a regular basis either work for or against us.

At every moment, you are faced with a choice. I’m going to do this… or I’m not going to do it. Habits will either help or hurt you. Create good habits and they will work for you.

Ask yourself if the choice will take you to where you want to be? Let’s say you want to build wealth. If you sit on the couch every spare moment you have, more than likely you will not be able to achieve this goal. People typically do more in order to become wealthy through hard work.

Little things pile up. We’ve all experienced this when a lot of minor things formed an army against us, ruining every chance we had for a great day. In the same way all these little trolls working together can work against us, through our actions we have the power to do little things for us which ultimately will shift us in the direction we desire.

The big deal is that little deals eventually add up over time and create big deals. Just because things are not a big deal now, doesn’t mean that won’t change. This works in the same fashion, whether positive or negative. Be careful when you ask if this is a big deal. It just might be the start of a new habit; one that works for or against you.

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