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Time management, exercise, a healthy diet; all these are great goals to set. There are so many other goals which are also worthwhile to choose from. But that’s the thing, you have to choose them, on purpose. It’s not that we don’t know all this stuff already. So why bring it up? Simply because most of us are not doing these things.

Start now. Don’t wait for the planet’s to align because they won’t, at least not when you want them to. Waiting for the perfect moment is a set up for failure before even starting.

Start small. The goal may be to exercise 30 minutes a day. Habits take time to develop. Taking a half hour out of your day may seem difficult, so we don’t even bother! How about this? Take 5 minutes a day, daily, and put it toward your goal. You can definitely afford 5 minutes. If you cannot, then perhaps your goal isn’t important to you at all.

Start doing. If you take even the smallest step, it will start a change. A parked car will stay in the driveway. Once it begins to move, it can take numerous steps to correct its course of action. But if it’s just sitting there still, what’s the point, it isn’t going anywhere closer to the destination of your choice.

Excuses will come flooding in as to why you cannot start. Find one reason strong enough as to why you can and hold on to that. For goodness sakes, do something!

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