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Have you ever tried to give away love? It will only reciprocate back to you. It may not come in the same form or when you expect it. In fact, it will often leave you surprised. When consistent with my daily goals, one of them has been to demonstrate an act of love. Usually it is something quite simple that can be accomplished in seconds. It doesn’t always revolve around people closest to me. Typically, I try to mix things up, not focused solely on family members or friends. The rest of the world already does that. Depending on my schedule, sometimes I do not interact with strangers, so I may shift the focus to a coworker. Day by day, it continually shifts, and I make necessary adjustments.

One of my favorite ways to practice demonstrating an act of love is for a total stranger. If you spend any time watching videos or browsing the internet, you know it has become trendy. People have posted countless videos of others and themselves doing cordial things for strangers. The reason I believe it is trendy is because people who participate in such actions often receive immediate feedback.

It’s true you can empty yourself of love momentarily. But giving in that scenario is generally to people you are deeply connected to. When you keep giving and never receive anything in return, it can drain you and lead to a failed relationship. When giving is only one sided, it will only last for so long before it crumbles. But to give in a small way to a total stranger you encounter, there isn’t enough time to form a bond like that. Therefore, without much invested, there is little to lose in giving away love.

The most common reaction is a smile or an expression of gratitude. Sometimes the results are unnoticeable altogether. For those of you who like math, when looking at a parabola, there is a point at which the direction changes. It is a single point on the curve where there is zero slope, that becomes a turning point. The slope can start to increase, lifting them to a higher point on the curve they are on. Or, it can take them downward to a lower place than they were. Who knows, an interaction with you could be that turning point in their day.

Sometimes the smallest things can have a significant impact on others. One miracle of love is that as much as you try to give it away, love always comes back. Share love with someone today and see what happens.

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