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Revise your Strategy

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If you have ever been disciplined enough to develop a strategy for life, that is awesome. My question for you would be when was the last time you reflected and revised it? Strategies can be highly effective but sometimes only for a period. In competition, if a person makes the same play repeatedly, their opponent will soon catch on. Charging headfirst into battle may work against one person but is a terrible strategy if going into battle against a hundred. The point is strategies must be reviewed to make sure they are still effective and giving the desired results. If not, then it’s time to make some adjustments.

Even worse is if you have no strategy at all to revise. You do have one but fail to acknowledge it. If you won’t take the necessary time to look deeply into your life, then your strategy is to have no strategy at all. By making no choice, life chooses for you. Life is filled with consequences, especially when we live with the mindset of whatever will be, will be. We either own our life or surrender it to circumstance.

I’ve wrestled over the issue of not strategizing in my own life. At my job, it is much easier to identify problems and work to find and implement solutions. But outside of work, it is so easy to let life happen to me rather than design the life I would like to live. My own lack of discipline led me to live without a strategy. After a long day at work, it is simply easier to let whatever comes next just happen on its own. Everyone is tempted by different things, but the downfall often lies in overconsumption. Too much television, time on phones, gaming, eating; all common things that make us slip.

Without a strategy in place, we fall prey to poor decisions. The common argument is that to live restricted is not to live at all. With that mindset, we feel robbed when we deprive ourselves of something. Unknowingly, we chain ourselves to all manner of addictions and lose freedom in the process. People often come up with new year’s resolutions, but the truth is, your strategy can be revised any day. The best choice is today, regardless of what day of the year it is. By putting forth thought and effort, you can create a strategy for your life that will in time deliver the life you want, not the one you must live with.

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